Bleading Lady

Director: Ryan Nicholson

Dan Ellis takes the lead in this blood-drenched tale of Hollywood horror. Bleading Lady tells the tale of frustrated film studio driver Don Cardini, abused by spoiled stars and arrogant up-and-comers, who becomes a ticking time-bomb of revenge. As Don goes on the rampage, his favourite scream queen finds herself up for a new role in the greatest gorefest of all… real life.
Bleading Lady is a co-production between New Image Entertainment and Vancouver’s independent horror mavericks Plotdigger Films.

Writer: Ryan Nicholson

The film combines patented Plotdigger bloodshed with a self-aware script, sunny outdoor locales and a gritty performance from Dan Ellis (Gutterballs, The Profane Exhibit, The Hard Cut).
Bleading Lady (titled Star Vehicle outside of North America) was released on DVD by Breaking Glass Pictures on March 29, 2011. The film has also been acquired for VOD distribution by Almas Oscuras.