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John Craig is President of New Image Entertainment and co-owner of New Image College. John takes an active role in all aspects of production and organization of New Image features and also leads the marketing of the features and the company.

Charie Van Dyke  is  President of New Image College and co-owner of New Image Entertainment. She has enjoyed a long career as a model, actress and TV personality. she is currently the owner of New Image College of Fine Arts, a unique institution specializing in the art of make-up artistry, beauty and acting for film and TV.

Together, Charie and John work as a team of executive producers for all New Image Entertainment projects.

Our Production team

philip granger

has been a professional actor and acting teacher for over thirty years, with a Gemini Award and countless roles in major motion pictures, television series and critically acclaimed stage dramas to his credit. Since helping launch New Image Entertainment, Philip has served as producer and supervisor on all New Image Entertainment features, and has directed a few himself.

Amir Aghelnejad

has been a professional director and editor for over ten years. With stints as an MTV television segment producer and director of feature and short films. Amir is a multi-disciplinary creative artist with an extensive resume. As well as teaching at New Image College and directing numerous shorts and demo reels, Amir is co-director of the web series “Nuked”, and director of the feature film “A Safe Place”.

our frequent collaborators

“New Image Entertainment appreciates the hard work and collaboration of all our team members. We are always looking for new, energetic and positive people to join our ranks” -John Craig, President of NIE

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